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Ballard Remodel is a Seattle general contractor providing design, planning, and construction expertise for your kitchen, bathroom, or full home remodel.
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Proper planning can make every remodeling project run smoothly. We’ll help you develop a plan to keep your project on track. As a contractor who sees hundreds of homes each year, we can help you visualize the possibilities your home has to offer. You likely have many ideas of what you would change, and we can walk you through the process, as you develop a list of must-haves for your remodeling project. Often, small changes can make a huge difference in the way you and your family use your home. And if you’re interested in building a new detached accessory dwelling unit, or DADU, we have built many of these and can help you guide you through that process as well.


A great design can be the difference between a project that ends on time and on budget, and a project that costs way more than you’d hoped. We work closely with designers and architects to help you put your ideas on paper, making sure that we design to fit your style and your budget. If you have ideas in mind, sketch them out, or collect images of materials and rooms that inspire you. Take pictures of homes you see, and note the aspects you enjoy.


Preparing for the work to begin can be very overwhelming. Will you stay in the home while the work is being done? Do you have an extra restroom, or an area to cook and eat? It can be expensive to move out for the duration of a large project, but it may be a very worthwhile expense. It allows you to avoid the noise and dust, the lack of privacy, the possibility of being without water or electricity at times, etc. If you can be flexible, we can often make it work to stay in your home while we do most of the work.

Another thing to keep in mind when remodeling, especially in Seattle, is the weather. Winter can be the perfect time to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, or finish your basement. Summer is always the best time to start a major project that might involve new roof lines or additions. Any exterior work is better left for dry days. These can be few and far between during the winter months in Seattle, so we try to plan accordingly. Many factors are considered as we schedule your project to make it run efficiently with the best possible outcome for your home.